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November 1st, 2018


240 Pharr Rd NE Atlanta, 30305


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Dr. Rick Ambrozic

About the seminars / webinars

Dr. Ambrozic explains in detail how Stem Cell Therapy works among the age-related diseases and chronic conditions that stem cell therapy may treat: Parkinson’s Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Arthritis, Spinal Cord Injuries, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Knee Injuries, Back Injuries, Significant wounds, COPD, Lupus, Retinal Degeneration, Alzheimer’s Disease, Spinal Cord Injury, and Hair Loss.

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Seminar Topics


Welcome & Registration

Introduction of our guest speakers Dr. Rick Ambrozic and Dr. Kris Chaffin. Two leading experts in stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine in the Southeast.

Event Topics

What are Stem Cells?

Dr. Ambrozic explains what stem cell are and how they function in our bodies.

Event Topics

What is stem cell therapy?

Both Dr. Rick and Dr. Kris explain the science behind the lastest stem cell research and its clinical applications.

Event Topics

Questions and Closing Statements

At this time you may ask our experts your questions and express your concerns regarding stem cell therapy.

Event Topics

What is Wharton´s Jelly?

Dr. Ambrozic explains the science behind Wharton´s Jelly.

Event Topic


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Our Speakers

Dr. Ambrozic earned his M.D. from the University of Alberta. He completed a residency in health prevention and family medicine at the University of British Columbia and has completed a fellowship from the University of South Florida. Dr. Kris was born in California where he also completed all of his studies. He built a highly successful practice in his hometown where he worked as a providing doctor and managed the day to day operations for 5 years.


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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the top three most frequently asked questions regarding our stem cell seminars.

What can i do if i miss my stem cell seminar?

If you miss the seminar or arrive too late dont worry. Simply call us and we will reschedule your stem cell seminar seat for the next available seminar!

Do i need to pay anything at the door?

The stem cell seminars are free. They are purely educational and are intended to provide you with the latest information on stem cell and regenerative medicine therapies available.

How long do the seminars last?

The stem cell seminars last approximately 1 hour.

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